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Ibanez Floral Series F-310 Acoustic Guitar - 1983

By Ibanez

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The first thing that grabbed me about this guitar was the comfortable tuning machines; they feel real good! Ergonomically designed? Not sure, (wouldn’t be surprised) but they feel good and the work great; nice and firm.  It just got better from there; smooth medium C shape neck, great action, plenty of meat on the frets and in good shape too. This one has a light, woody tone, it’s super-easy to play and real easy to listen to!  Some gorgeous details and the wine red colour make this a very good-looking guitar as well as a sweet-sounding instrument. Condition is amazing for its age, there’s no repairs, modes (oops, I mean mods; funny little musical pun there) or breaks; just a pre-loved vintage Ibanez acoustic guitar! The pics will tell you the rest. Comes with its original hard shell case.

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