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National CCRT Resonator - 1993

By National

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Wow! This thing sounds fantastic! Big and bold sound with none of the harshness that you sometimes get with this style of guitar. It really is nice to play a guitar in this style made by one of the greats in guitar building!  CCRT stands for Custom Cutaway Radio Tone and this guitar has a bit of provenance too as it was made for Bonnie Raitt back in 1993. (see last pic).  There’s a little missile switch in the f-hole that allows you to turn the pickup on, and when plugged in, you get all that glorious tone amplified. Such an inspiring sound! The guitar is in great condition with some superficial checking in the binding and some slight tarnishing on the metal that would probably polish off, but why would you? It looks too cool!  A great guitar!  Comes with its original hardshell case.



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