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Marshall JTM 45/100 Amp Head - 1966

By Marshall

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One advantage of working at a vintage guitar shop is that when a vintage amp comes in, you can test it with a vintage guitar! I plugged a 1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman into this great Marshall JTM 45/100, 100 watt head, and wow, what a time warp! This amp has that amazing 3 dimensional tone and a depth that new amps just don’t have. As I cranked it I couldn’t help but smile knowing that this is pure golden era rock’n’roll tone. It’s understandable to think that Malcolm Young was happy just cranking out chords through a Marshall back in the day, and no surprise that Angus’ best work were creamy rich bends and shrill leads, also through an old Marshall! This amp captures it all and yet it’s clean tone is gorgeous if you don’t provoke it. Considering it’s age it sounds immaculate, in terms of noise; there’s only good sounds coming out of this beast! If an amp like this could talk, it would have some great stories to tell. This amp was possibly left here by The Who back in the 70’s but that can’t be authenticated. It has its original power transformer and although the output transformer looks like it's been in there from day one, it's most probably changed. Some caps and resisters have been changed out over the years, which is understandable. It’s in good shape and the valves sound like they are also in good shape. Chassis has the aluminium ends, as it should. This is one cracker amp and it is a loud amp too! If you’re after a piece of Marshall history, then this amp could be for you!

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