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Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst - 1962

By Fender

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This is one cracker Fender Jazz Bass from 1962!  All parts are original to the bass except for a pro refret at some stage. When you play this bass it resonates through your whole body and soul; (if you have one, that is.) It has so much tone, it’s crazy! The neck is the original “A” neck with a slab rosewood board and just feels amazing to play. This is one of the easiest bass guitars I’ve ever played, speaking as a guitar player, it plays beautifully. In fact, I don’t do it justice. Plugged in, and that tone is amplified to the degree of something real special. The pickups still have their original plain enamel windings and sound great!  The neck pickup is almost P Bass-like, whilst the bridge pickup has a bright punchy tone, still with bottom end in it, the likes I’ve never heard from any other bridge pickup before.  Then, when you put both pickups on, there it is; the quintessential Jazz Bass sound!  Nothing comes near this bass for playability and tone! Or looks! Grab yourself a fast-appreciating asset, as well as a killer Jazz bass! Comes with a mid-60’s American Fender bass case.


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