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Fernandes P Style Bass - c.1979

By Fernandes

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I picked up this Japanese Fernandes P bass only to feel a neck similar to a Jazz Bass! Interesting… Nice and narrow at the nut and an easy “guitar-player” neck, if you know what I mean. It actually reminded me of a 1972 Fender Precision bass we had in years ago where they did a run of P Basses with Jazz bass style necks; there’s not a lot of them around but if you find one they are an awesome “easy to play” bass! Like this one. (This one doesn’t have a vintage Fender price tag either). This is a fun bass to play, I found myself whizzing around the fretboard playing basslines from classic songs and I made up a few classics too, well, classics to me. Pickups are Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder’s (with cheese please; I wonder who had that name first; Macca’s or Seymour; oh oh, me and my big mouth, I’ve probably started a major courtroom battle now…) and they have a wonderful rich sustain to them. Playability is great, a brass nut is fitted, fingerboard looks beautiful and frets are in good shape too. (A couple of grooves around the first 3 but they don’t mess with the intonation). It has the late 70’s/early 80’s “stone logo” which has fallen half-off, as they had a propensity to do. Body looks like Sen ash and is light in weight, (9.30 lbs). This is a good-playing and good-sounding bass; it’s a handsome little devil too! No case.

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