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Fresher Personal J Bass - 1975

By Fresher

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This bass has two things going for it!  One, it has heaps of Mojo! With its “played-in” patina on its original blonde finish, none of which has been done on purpose; just good honest wear and tear, giving it a spectacular vintage look. The second thing is; it’s reasonably light at 8.96 lbs and a ball of fun to play. (ok, that’s 3 things). I found myself trying to play slap bass and attempting the Seinfeld Intro (although I heard it was played on a keyboard?), and failing miserably; yes, I am a guitarist after all. (I won’t be trying that again!)  Fresher were pretty much a budget issue in Japan back in the 70’s; they made Strat and Tele copies that looked pretty cool. This is the first bass I’ve come across. Playing-wise, the neck is reasonably straight for its age, it has a nice medium “C” shape and is set-up nicely with newish-looking strings on it. Pickups have a cool vintage vibe to them, although, lack a bit of volume; if you were using this as a spare bass you may need to adjust the volume up a wee bit, but, there’s tone there! Overall, this is a winner! No case.

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