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Ovation Typhoon Bass 1216-5 Fretless - 1969

By Ovation

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This bass is a lot of fun! It’s fretless but has the fret lines inlaid where the frets would go so it’s real easy to play. The tailpiece acts as a mute if you push down with the palm of your hand; ingenious!  Pickups sound real good and whilst playing this bass, I’m transported back in time and reminded of 60’s and 70’s cop show themes! The bodies of these basses were made by Hofner, at the time, and they came with a medium-profile neck and a 30" scale length. These are relatively rare and hard to find too. Toggle switch is wired different with down being the neck pickup, middle being the bridge pickup and up position; being both pickups on and out of phase; Crazy but it works and sounds cool! Comes with a HSC.


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