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Riley Electric Upright Bass - EUB

By Riley

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For those of you who don’t own a station wagon but still want to play double bass, then this one could be for you! This is an interesting beast; an electric upright bass, or if you can’t be bothered with that mouthful, call it; EUB!  This one has an active pickup system that almost seems like there’s two pickups in there; when the EQ knob is turned one way, it’s trebly, like a bug under the fingerboard and turned the other way it’s bassy, like very sweet P Bass, at least to my ears! In the middle, there’s a bit of both. The other knob is for volume.  It’s  ¾ scale, has a curved ebony fingerboard, a chambered body, spruce top, adjustable end-pin, removable upper bout extension (to make it feel like the real thing), it’s not crazy heavy and it comes with a gig bag, bow and resin. It’s also lots of fun to play; I think I’ve played “Fever” about 30 times! There’s a bit of masking tape along the side of the neck, I’m guessing someone was learning on this EUB. Overall, good bang for buck with this one! (Oh, no shipping on this one; pick up only.) 

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