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Keeley Katana Clean Boost Pedal

By Keeley


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Robert Keeley Katana Clean Boost Pedal. Nice-sounding pedal this one; clean boost that delivers a sweet, fat natural sound. It does a few other things too;
Here's a blurb from their website:-
Two modes, Pure Clean and High Gain
1. With the speed knob Pushed In, think of it as a volume control that goes to 20.
2. With the speed knob Pulled Out, it’s a cutting boost with a bit of gain. Not quite an overdrive, just overdriven tube grit and edge to your tone.
Dual FETs for the most tube like tone in a transistor design. Power Doubling on the inside so you put 9VDC in, and we use a charge pump to nearly double operating voltage! (Caution – 9 Volt DC Maximum Input Voltage (don’t try to put 18 volts to the unit hoping that the doubler will make it 36VDC!)
What do higher power supply voltage rails mean?! -> SUPER CLEAN HIGH-HEADROOM BOOST! Pull the Level knob out to switch -> Tube-like gain! THE EDGE!!
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