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Alan Entwistle Martin Cilia Model - NEW!

By Entwistle

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Alan Entwistle is the brains behind the Jansen reissue guitars and is a pickup Guru with his roots being with Jansen and Burns guitars back in the day! Not to mention, he’s a real nice bloke!  What a cool guitar!! I’m a big fan of Martin Cilia, another nice bloke, and on one of his album sleeves, he lists what guitars he uses on each track; the guy is as guitar crazy as the rest of us, probably even more so! So, I didn’t expect anything less when he walked in with his own model of guitar - an astounding playing and sounding guitar for a ridiculous price!  It’s a surf machine no doubt, but with the high quality electrics and the variable tone selector you can do a lot more!  I can’t speak highly enough of these Entwhistle pickups, they really sound great and the overall build and tone of this guitar is exceptional. Grab one of these and start practicing your Atlantics, Bombora surf licks!  No case.

**Just a heads up everyone; This is the last one from the first batch. Move quick as the next batch is 3 months away and it will include a price rise!**

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