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Aria 1702T Mosrite - Style - 1971

By Aria

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A clear nod to Mosrite (or as we like to joke, Guyatone’s LG series) this guitar is a brilliant surf rock, punk and spaghetti western monster! You can play Kylie Minogue songs on it too, so it’s pretty versatile! (But please don’t do that in the store!). With white plastics that have gone cream setting off the black, it has a really elegant vintage appearance. The shallow German carve body is nice too and the slightly exaggerated height of the tremolo arm makes it great for those little flutters. (I like the massive tremolo tip too; reminds me of an EK Holden “Three-on-the-Tree” column shift!).  The neck is slightly more compact than some of its contemporaries which makes it an all-round joy to play! Weight is a really nice 6.43 lbs. Comes with a gig bag.

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