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Barclay Lucite Plexi Jazzmaster - 1996

By Barclay

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Ultra-cool Japanese-made Barclay Jazzmaster in see-through Lucite/Perspex! This one has a great neck and is super-easy to play!  These always remind me of that film Predator, you know how the alien blends into the trees and you can’t see him? It’s a bit like that with this guitar on the bricks, but I digress. This one has suffered under a Lawrence Olivier/Marathon Man “is it safe?” attack with quite a few holes drilled here and there in the body and pickguard. (My dentist said that film put the dental industry back 10 years!) No idea why someone would do that, but funnily enough, they don’t really stand out too much with the see-through body.  Headstock logo is missing, the pickups sound awesome and the frets are in great shape with plenty of meat. Weight is 9.15 lbs; not bad for a plexi-guitar that all seem to be heavy eg. Dan Armstrong Plexi-Glass guitars.  Here's a pic of Adalita playing one in the shop a couple of years ago! No case.

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