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Carter Pedal Steel Professional Model S-10 DB - 2010

By Carter


Sorry, this product is sold out!

There’s something really nice about listening to someone who can play a pedal steel; not to mention they must be some kind of genius to be able to do it in the first place!  The Carter is one of the best pedal steels around and hard to source as they aren’t made anymore. These rarely come up for sale and we are lucky to have this beauty in the shop! This one has four foot pedals and five knee levers!  (It’s probably harder than driving a manual car for the first time!) The pickup choice in this beauty is actually a perfect fit; a Lace Alumitone pickup which sounds clear and even across the sonic spectrum of the 10 strings this beast has.  It’s in fantastic condition, hardly played by the look of it, and comes with the road-case which was an optional extra at the time.  Also, in the case is a DVD for the beginner, which is a great idea for mugs like me that have no idea! A very professional pedal steel and one of the best out there! (Video coming soon).

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