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Dynacord Cora - 1965

By Dynacord

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Rare guitar alert! Reportedly, around 100 of these beauties were made with a silhouette metal tubular frame for the body; 75 in chrome and 25 in gold! (not real gold, ok?) The gold version featured a red wooden central body section with a gold tubular frame but this version features the chrome framework and a black body. I kinda’ like this version better; it’s a bit meaner-looking and reminds me of 50’s motor bikes with all their chrome parts.  The pickups look very similar to the Hopf Saturn 63 we have in stock; they are called Dynacord GTA-3 pickups; they are punchy and have a nice bite to them. Playing-wise, the set-up is very good, thanks to that man in Seaford! Jim Cargill!  The neck is fat and wide but still comfortable to play and the action is nice and low. (This is the sort of guitar that you shouldn’t wear your birthday suit whilst playing…or maybe you should, I dunno). The neck shares the same attributes as the Hopf Saturn 63 too; laminated like an old Framus, the same fingerboard inlays, Hopf made a few necks for other makers of the era, I’m guessing Dynacord were another company they supplied. Either way, this is a great guitar for a player or a collector and an amazing conversation piece! Comes with a gig bag.

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