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Eliasson Raven 8 - 2014

By Eliasson

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This is one of those guitars that seems to be designed for playing aesthetics beyond classic sensibilities. Interestingly enough, it sounds great and inspires me to play classic rock songs; this really is a great rock guitar! It has a lovey fat, round neck and a thick rosewood fingerboard. Build quality is excellent and playability is great!  I might be wrong but a quick glance of Paul Eliasson’s website and it looks like no two Eliasson guitars are exactly the same?  This one is Number 44 and can be found in the archives on the Eliasson website. This is an interesting and different thing to do on behalf of the builder and if this is what they’re all like to play, then I’d say buy one because they’re pretty darn cool!  P-90 pickups sound the part and I especially like the cut of the wood on the sides of this guitar! Cool guitar! No case.

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