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Fender 2000 Twin Neck 10 String Pedal Steel - 1969

By Fender

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It’s not often you find yourself climbing under an instrument to marvel at its underside; it’s a bit like working under a car! This thing has cables and rods going in all directions and it’s a musical and mechanical work of art! The tone is pure Fender and the solid nature of the frame and base makes it resonate like a piano! I’m not that good on a pedal steel, just ask our cats at home; all three of them slinked into our spare room one night, with evil intent in their eyes, after I attempted to play a pedal steel I brought home from work. Needless to say, I took it back to work the next day; never to be attempted again! Fortunately, our three evil cats spared my life!  However, that didn’t stop me from losing half an hour toying around with this beauty!  Two ten-string necks, ultra-cool 10 pole-piece Jaguar-style pickups, a rad slide-around mute coming out of the bridge cover, two giraffe-like Telecaster knobs that remind me of the Marina City building complex in Chicago! This thing has way too many cool things to mention; oh did I mention the 10 foot pedals as well?  Comes with, not one, but two original hard shell cases.(Fender Volume/Tone Pedal in pics is not included but is for sale separately).


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