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Fender ’57 Reissue Stratocaster USA Mary Kaye - 1990

By Fender

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There’s something very cool about the see-thru blonde finish and gold parts on this Strat; Mary Kaye had great taste! Or did she?  Researching this guitar led me down a few rabbit-holes; aka, websites that talked about her Strat; for a start, it wasn’t hers!  The shrewd gentlemen at Fender would lend it to her, for promotional purposes like ads in magazines, to get a bit of free advertising! That’s right, lend!  These days an Instagram influencer is more respected than a multi-talented woman like Mary!  Anyway, today when we find a see-through blonde Strat with gold parts, the name Mary Kaye is instantly associated with it.  Alright, I’ll stop ranting; this Strat is a little beauty! To describe it, the word delightful comes to mind; yes, this is a delightful guitar to play.  Great Strat tones, clean and crisp all the way. It has a fantastic “C” shape neck that fits the hand beautifully and it’s a joy to play. Everything is original, there’s some slight lacquer-checking on the body, (looks cool!) frets have hardly any wear, set-up is great, pickups sound great, there’s still plastic on the pickguard and it weighs 8.21 lbs.  I could go on but what’s the point?  It’s a cracker!  The original case has gone missing at some stage but it comes in a real nice USA black tolex Fender-style case with case candy that includes a gold bridge cover, owner’s manual, warranty card, spare tremolo spring and a brochure talking about the nitro lacquer on the guitar. This is a super-nice guitar! 

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