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Fender American Performer Stratocaster HSS - 2020

By Fender


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This is a recent build from the Corona factory and looks pretty nice too. The colour is called aubergine but I feel the name doesn’t do it justice. Aubergine is usually a dull purple colour; eggplant; YUK! This colour should have been called “Sparkling Burgundy” (even though Gibson already had this name in the 60’s) as this is really what it looks like; a beautiful rich burgundy red with fine metallic flakes in it. YUM!  They must have named this one late on a Friday, hanging to get out of that factory and get into the weekend! Anyway, apart from my dislike of the colour name, the rest of this guitar rocks! The pickups are killer bee! Humbucker sounds great and splits with last tone pot. Tortoise guard looks like an non-original addition but looks amazing with the eggplant…I mean, Sparkling Burgundy colour. (Original guard is in the gig bag).  C shape neck, 99.9% fret life with no grooves, set-up is really good too. Comes with its Fender gig bag.

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