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Fender American Professional HH Stratocaster - 2016

By Fender


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This one almost looks like US Military issue, imagine that, every solder sent off on duty has to have one of these in his pack! Pretty cool huh? Imagine the noise! 20,000 troops all playing at once! (A bit like a NAMM show); it would probably scare the enemy to death!  Moving right along; this green beast has a killer neck on it, medium C shape, is beautifully set-up and almost plays itself. I found myself playing Hendrix songs instantly! The push-in tremolo arm works a treat and delivers those amazing Strat trem sounds on tap! The look of this one is different with two zebra humbuckers staring back at you, but it’s tastefully done and the 5-way switch delivers neck, both pickups and bridge along with single-coil-split neck and split bridge. All 5 sounds are very good. Weight is 7.78 lbs. Condition is very clean and would suit a new buyer. Comes with its Original Hard Shell Case.

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