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Fender American Vintage Series 70s Stratocaster - 2007

By Fender

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Classic 70’s Strat and Fender absolutely nail it with their American Vintage reissue guitars! It feels like one of those old Strats that some random neighbour or family friend produces after a guitar chat at a BBQ. “I got this when I was sixteen…And I haven’t played it since.”  You know what I mean? It has killer sweet Strat tones; a shimmering bridge pickup, a mellow middle pickup and a warm but clear neck pickup. It sounds like a great Strat unplugged too! Neck is the typical medium C shape, not too chunky and plays like a dream. Some minor play wear and a small lacquer chip on the side of the neck at the 13th fret, means, it’s on its way to being your own personal relic job if you take it home! Comes with OHSC and a truckload of case candy too!

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