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Fender Custom Telecaster - 1968

By Fender

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This is a guitar that could tell a few good stories! (If only we could plug it into a USB and get it’s history!)

This has been a player’s Custom-bound Tele, and as such, has had a few changes over its life-time.  The body and neck are correct and have been refinished (although I would say the original neck finish is under the present lacquer).  There's a filled route under the pickguard, the neck pickup looks to be a more recent Fender pickup and the bridge pickup looks to be early 70’s. Pickguard, bridge, knobs and tone pot are correct although the switch and volume pot are changed and the wiring has been changed too. Caps and tuners are correct. So there are the changed bits. So how does it sound? Terrific! Golden sweet and warm sounds dripping with overtones with the neck pickup selected. Bitey but mellow with a little bit of that woody pluck when both pickups are engaged and a brilliant and crisp vintage tone at the bridge selection. Through each combination you can hear the age doing its thing. The neck is really comfortable and not thick, nor is it thin! Neither word would feel right, so it must be in between! It’s easy to play, a really nice weight - overall it’s a very welcoming player and it has a lot of character! Come and play it now!  It comes with an original Stamford Australia hard case.


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