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Fender Jazzmaster Pink Paisley MIJ - 2018

By Fender

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The ever distinctive paisley and blue floral guitars have been a real icon ever since James Burton stepped out onto the stage with his pink paisley Telecaster back in 1968. Burton recalls Elvis doing a double take! This is an immaculate example of a pink paisley Jazzmaster made by the amazing technicians at Fender Japan. I’m having a hard time finding pick marks and scuffs on this guitar at all! It would suit a new buyer, only a new buyer may not find it easy to acquire one of these off a showroom floor as they were a limited edition. All the usual accoutrements of a Jazzmaster in fine working order electronically, nice D feel to the neck and classic plunk and pop from the pickups.  You can’t help but feel a little bit special playing this guitar, like if you were wearing a colourful suit or driving a flash car! It’s fantastic!  Comes with a gig bag.

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