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Tokai Hummingbird 200-S - 1968

By Tokai


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I know the classic thought with these is the Ramones thing and surf music, etc. But I picked this up and went straight for that hillbilly rockabilly vibe, like Joe Maphis! It’s actually quite a versatile guitar with sweet clear voice! It even screams with some serious drive! The neck is a serious piece of wood and feels great in the long scale format, matched nicely to a comfortingly thick headstock. The German carve on the top is always a nice touch. The tailpiece has been changed to a real nice Hallmark Mosrite-style unit, (leaving a few tell-tale screw-holes from the original unit) the hardware is in great shape and functions well.  These pickups sound great as well!  Body has been refinished at some stage and a nice new pickguard has been made for it, bridge and tuners are also new.  This is a nice guitar that sounds great, plays like butter and has a cool look!

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