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Duesenberg Senior 52 Goldtop - 2009

By Duesenberg

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Wraparound bridge, blah blah, single pickup, blah blah, simple design, blah blah blah! Yes, I looked online and these were the only things I could find on this guitar in nearly every article! Boring! Let’s plug it in and have a play!  “Bridge” position (or switch, in what would normally be a slider switch, bridge position) sounds clean and quiet; humbucker-like and direct sounding. With dirt; punchy, full and in your face! Middle position; bordering on the out of phase sound but with plenty of bottom end; not sure how they do this but it’s cool. With dirt; sounds like a tough, middle-position, Rickenbacker tone; nice!  “Neck” position is interesting; clean, toned off, even muddy but more useable; I’m thinking blues. With dirt; a very cool tone again for raunchy blues. This is a cool guitar; lots of great sounds from one pickup. Tone pot has minimal travel and gives you what it’s got instantly. (At first, I thought it was broken!)  Overall, an interesting, very useable, good-looking beast with plenty of cool sounds to boot. Oh, it plays real good too!  Can’t go wrong!  Comes with its original case.

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