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Fender Jazzmaster 62 Reissue Candy Apple Red MIJ - 2010

By Fender


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I’m not sure how to best describe that really gorgeous spongy response you get out of some Fenders; you know, that airy, sweet and slightly saturated underlying tone? Am I getting close? If not, you’ll need to play this guitar to know what I mean. It’s sweet, balanced and clear as a bell with that golden body and pickup combination that just sings. It’s a little rough around the edges but it is rock solid to play and all the electrics are in perfect order. A lovely C shape neck with a gorgeous piece of rosewood must contribute to that sweet sound! The pickups are Seymour Duncan HOT variety and the bridge pickup bites, the combination of the two is plucky and the neck sings all by itself. The jazz circuit is bold and clear. A mustang bridge set-up nicely, stops the strings from jumping around too. This is a real players guitar: it sounds and plays like a dream and is waiting for a good new home.  Comes with a gig bag.


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