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Fender Musicmaster - 1960

By Fender

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Here’s a lovely, very affordable vintage guitar. Fender’s Musicmaster model was a student guitar in its day with its shorter scale neck, small, thinner body and one single-coil pickup. I t had a more simple setup with one volume and one tone control. Although being a student guitar this didn’t mean less quality in its construction, it was still made with similar components as the Fender Stratocaster, in fact, if you look under the pickup cover you’ll see a Formvar-wound flat-pole single-coil pickup, not much different to a Strat pickup, the only difference being the Strat had staggered pole pieces and these are flat. The neck is a slab board neck similar to Strat necks of the era but only smaller. This little weapon has been refinished in Fiesta Red by local spray-gun relic wizard, Ben Ling; I’m biased but I think he’s the best in the land! (If not the world!).  Neck finish is original and it’s a joy to play. We don’t see too many of these around these days so if you want a cool, great-playing vintage Fender then this one could be the one.  All parts are original and it comes with a hard shell case. I forgot to mention this little guitar oozes with vintage tone! 


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