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Fender Stratocaster Olympic White MIJ - 1989

By Fender


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What happened in 1989?  Let me see, the Berlin Wall came down, (who could forget the ‘The Hoff” banging away for freedom in the remains with his piano scarf!). The 486 microprocessor was invented, (you know, that big piece of crap old computer you have in the garage that you wouldn’t worry about if it caught fire!).  The Galileo Spacecraft was launched to go to Jupiter and gather information, it was never to be seen again (it was probably captured by huge aliens and used as an ashtray!). Also in 1989, somewhere in Japan, Fender were building fine electric guitars!  Here is one of them. Over the years Japanese guitars have proven to be some of the nicest, characterful axes around and this guitar is no exception! This must have a nice piece of wood because, although the pickups have some poke, it seems to absorb any harshness giving a pleasant air to the response and articulation. The pickups have that pleasant spank with a touch of compression in the upper-mids. The neck feels perfect with a little bit of roundness to the edges but that could also be the nice played-in feel. A few minor bumps and dings but over all a nice solid Strat! No case.

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