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Gibson Marauder - 1977

By Gibson


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What a mojo machine! This guitar strikes me as the result of a romantic evening between a 52 Tele and Les Paul of some sort! The maple neck on a Gibson is something special and the overall tone has hints of a mid-70’s Telecaster about it with a little bit of that Gibson punch. The Bill Lawrence pickups are selected through a rotating blend switch which is something you don’t see often and a very useable and unique feature. From memory, this later changed to a 3 way toggle switch. This guitar is something different in looks and sound but somehow so very comfortable and familiar. Playability is great due to a recent pro refret. For those who like something different this is a must try guitar! It’s a heavy little beast at 9.75 lbs but it does have that sweet sustain that comes with a heavy maple. Notable users of these cool guitars are: Lee Ranaldo & Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth, Jeff Lynne (ELO) and Pete Shelley from the Buzzcocks. Comes with HSC.



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