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Gibson Memphis ES-335 12-String - 2013

By Gibson


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One strum of this guitar will conjure up classic 12 string riffs and most likely inspire you to write your own!  Or, take your regular riffs and play them on this and get even more inspired! (That’s what I did!)  I don’t need to tell you about all the classic 335 tones and how well another set of 6 strings works with them;  No no!  I also don’t need to tell you how, when you get a nicely made well figured 335, they can be quite sublime; uh uh!  And, I don’t need to tell you anything else about this awesome guitar but I will!  It was based on a ’61 style 335 with a slim taper neck, it has Burstbucker pickups that are tapped and are controlled by pull-up pots on both volumes; very handy for some more interesting tones! The 12” radius neck and 1.75” nut width make this one very enjoyable to play coupled with a pair of great pickups; this guitar is a beauty. It’s in great nick too!  A rare bird given they didn’t make too many and they can’t be found new, anywhere on the planet! Comes with its original hard shell case.

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