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Gretsch 6120-DSW - 2007

By Gretsch


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This special guitar has had over 500,000 views on YouTube, but it’s owner is moving on! One of its many YouTube videos is here:  Cool features: Classic Western motifs, rosewood fingerboard, lovely sprung aluminium Bigsby, with the thicker handle, responsive maple arched-top, laminated back and sides and a neck that just sits in your hand beautifully.  The wax dipped DeArmond Dynasonic pickups have had plenty of time and play to settle in and they sound gorgeous. This guitar has been looked after and played extensively for nearly 15 years and it feels great.  It will be sorely missed by the owner but it’s time for someone else to appreciate it!  Comes with its original Gretsch hard shell case and a very cool Gretsch leather strap.

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