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Gretsch Country Club Natural - 1978

By Gretsch

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I’m a big fan of the Baldwin era Gretsch’s as they always seem to have some mojo going on, and this one is no exception. This ‘78 Country Club oozes with mojo, plays like butter, sounds sweet and tonally is very reminiscent of that early Chet Atkins tone with a beautiful warm but clearly defined voice from its Filtertron pickups. Add some dirt, and it will easily give you a Malcolm Young or Billy Duffy tone!  The construction is solid and weighty, for a big guitar, with a slim neck that is very playable. The fantastic natural factory finish is in good shape for a 43 year old and a Bigsby vibrato has been added at some stage. (The original pickguard and tailpiece are in the case). A lovely guitar that will suit a collector or a player.  Comes with its original hard shell case.

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