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Hagstrom P-46 Deluxe Red Sparkle - 1961

By Hagstrom

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If you’re after a vintage sparkle Hagstrom guitar that plays and sounds excellent but not too worried about condition, then this could be a contender!  This beautiful-looking red-sparkle beast has been gigged and loved and it shows; maybe someone has sweated all over it to make the top go a little bit grubby but it still has a cool vibe! (The grubby bit is hard to see from 2 metres away.)  Playing-wise; it’s set-up good and plays great with 10-46 strings, the low stainless-steel frets sport a few grooves on the first 5 frets but chords sound in tune. There’s some cracking in the pearloid back and side areas, common for these, but otherwise; it plays and sounds real good!  Pickups sound excellent, although the tone knob doesn’t do anything, all the other switches work, oh well.  Weight is reasonable 7.19 lbs.  I love the shape of this guitar; it’s very pleasing to the eye, and I remember Nick McCarthy using a Hagstrom P46 in Franz Ferdinand.  It’s priced accordingly, has the “Pop-Star” look and comes with a gig bag. Can’t go wrong!

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