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Harmony Flattop Acoustic - 1939

By Harmony


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Sometimes the fantasy of owning a beaten up old acoustic with tons of mojo does not quite match the reality, but when it does, it feels like this guitar! Plays beautifully; the intonation and tuning is on point all up and down the neck; it has decades of love without the abuse and an inspiring sound! The neck has that old school V without being ridiculously chunky and some lovely tortoiseshell binding. This guitar has a lifetime of songs in it and is ready for many more! It’s had quite a few repairs over time to keep it “On The Road” such as top and side cracks re-glued, neck reset and even a truss rod has been fitted so the neck is now adjustable. These great repairs were done by our good friend Mark Wilson who is now up on the Mid-North Coast of NSW doing repairs. No case.


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