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Hopf Saturn 63 - 1963

By Hopf

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A friend of mine once said to me, over a beer, “those German’s know how to make a whacky-looking guitar”.  I think I grunted back “mmm”; not really giving it any thought at all but it’s only now am I actually thinking about that statement as a few weird German-made vintage guitars have turned up and he was right; they do, or they did!  This whacky little beast was made by German company Hopf back in 1963; It’s in great shape, has its original finish (complete with checking), plays great and the pickups sound awesome! But it’s the shape that grabs me the most; almost Jazzmaster-like with a hollow body, some odd chrome body-binding and a control plate that is reminiscent of an artist’s palette and not to mention some exquisite tear-drop, chrome-bound F-holes; what a cracker!  The headstock is a beauty too; it’s very big and has a great font spelling out “Saturn 63”; you couldn’t make a guitar this cool today! (If I’ve pissed-off 20,000 independent guitar-makers all around the world, then I’m sorry.) This is a comfortable guitar to play and features a laminated neck a la Framus guitars of the day. Action is very nice, it’s had a possible refret at some stage and frets are around the 60% mark. The position markers on the fingerboard are pretty neat too. Does it sound like a Les Paul or a Strat? Neither!  And that’s the thing about these kooky guitars; they have their own sound. So, if you’re looking for your own sound, this is a good place to start, plus, you’ll look super-cool playing it.  This is a great guitar, it’s all there, it even has its own original din-plug guitar lead and that’s not all; it comes in an Australian Stamford case too. Can’t go wrong with this one!

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