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Maton 12 String SRS570C-12 Solid Road Series - 2020

By Maton

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A beautifully-made Maton 12 string; made this year in fact. This guitar looks almost new although it is a used instrument.  Its condition is amazing and its playability is excellent; it’s hard to play barre chords on some 12 string guitars but it’s super-easy on this one.  Or, if you want to play in the open position with those jangly Byrds-like 12 string riffs,  it also sounds amazing. I can’t find any faults with this guitar and it’s as clean as a whistle and it comes with its original hardshell case. This is a true Australian classic that will last you for years if you look after it.  Oh, the AP 5 Pro pickup system works perfectly and sounds great too.

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