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Maton Wildcat WSG - 1974

By Maton


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Super rare and super cool!  This vintage Maton Wildcat is in amazing condition and hasn’t seen a lot of use in its life. It features the body “bite” which, up close, looks awesome; something you don’t see much in guitar-making these days.  Maton were an adventurous company back in the day and produced some of the world’s most interesting guitar designs. Their records show 107 of these little crackers were made, and one of these made some beautiful music in the hands of the Boys Next Door/Birthday Party’s, Mick Harvey in the late 70, early 80’s. The finish on this one is the original cherry factory finish and looks fantastic. Maple neck is original lacquer and is almost flawless as well. Frets are in great shape with no grooves and plenty of meat. The pickups sound beautiful and can be split from humbucking to single coil and there’s also a cool out-of-phase switch to use on both in the middle position. The tuners are original and function well but these have a knack of falling apart over time as the black plastic shaft breaks and they wobble around. There’s a period-correct set of Schaller’s in the case for when that inevitable day comes around!  The tone pot has been changed out as well.  Playing-wise, the set-up is great; nice and low and very easy to navigate over the entire fingerboard. The resonant sound of this guitar is unique to itself and has a sweet tone that rings out beautifully. This is a lovely guitar to play, to listen to and to look at; whoever gets this collectible Australian beast will be a very happy human being! Comes with its original hard shell case.

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