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Momose Hand-Made Relic Strat MIJ - 2006

By Momose

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These guitars are super high-end guitars made by Yuso Momose, affiliated with companies such as Bacchus, Headway and Seventy Seven. This guitar feels like a mid-60’s Strat and it plays and sounds like one too. The neck is gorgeous on this guitar and I think here is where they may have taken some liberty to fill the hand slightly more, which I’m really liking! The relic job on it is sensational and the pickups are really dynamic with a touch of that spank we love from a good Strat, without being thin. This would suit a custom shop Strat enthusiast as it is every bit as good but subtle in its uniqueness and very affordable. Weight is a reasonable 7.91 lbs. Comes with a gig bag.



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