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Rickenbacker 325 Model 1996 Special Vintage Reissue - 2008

By Rickenbacker

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It goes without saying that this guitar is quite iconic for obvious reasons. (Oh ok, I’ll say it anyway, John Lennon used one!)  It’s an amazing little guitar that seems to do something to your brain and makes you play every Beatles song you’ve ever heard! This was known as a Special Vintage Reissue, Model 1996, which was a “Rose Morris” export model in its day and featured an “F” hole (instead of the usual Cat’s Eye) pointing towards the 2 o’clock position on a clock face. (AKA the 2 o’clock “F” hole).  These reissue’s are rare and were only available in 2006 but were still popping up a few years later due to being ordered and built on a waiting list. It features a ¾ short scale neck, a hollow body with vintage reissue toaster-top pickups, an Accent vibrato and it came in the factory finish of Amber Fireglo. It’s short scale and compact feel begs to be played and it almost feels like a toy but as you play it, you soon realize, that this is no toy!  Vintage woody twang in the bridge pickup position, super mellow jangle in the middle and smooth but colourful on the neck position. This guitar sounds way older than its 13 years but doesn’t look it - it’s been really well looked after!  The set-up is great and it comes with its original silver tolex hardshell case and case candy too. Grab a piece of Beatles history; well, as close as you can get without spending a small fortune!

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