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Teisco EP-200 - 1965

By Teisco

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Okay, this one is rough and ready and a lot of fun to play! It’s been very used and slightly abused!  But we’ve set it up and it’s playing really nice; pickups sound good and the tremolo works fine. It has a cool look with vintage stickers and someone’s name on it. The paint looks a bit different on the body to the neck; although everything seems right and the fit is good, possibly a changed neck? Not real sure. The best feature on this one is a good pair of my old favourite Teisco pickups! And these don’t disappoint! Other info: pickguard is missing, V shaped neck, one tuner has been changed, frets have grooves but it plays in tune and they have about 60% meat left. It is what it is; rough but still cool. No case.

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