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Teisco Slider model no. 26133 - 1968

By Teisco

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When I look at this guitar I see attitude. With its German-carve body, original sunburst finish, 3 pickups, tortoise guard and super-cool slider switches; it all points towards someone showing great design qualities and taking that Mosrite vibe just a little bit further. The 3 pickups sound real nice with plenty of spank in each position; I love the angled neck pickup with the corresponding angled fingerboard; that’s a nice touch. Also the headstock shape, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but shows a bit of class because of the binding around it; another nice touch. These were a Kawai-made guitar and were shipped out with many different names on the headstock; one that comes to mind is the “Silvertone” brand which were shipped to the United States. Playing-wise the neck is a decent sized C shape, not too big or small, just right, (for my hand anyway), frets are around the 60% mark; still playable but will need attention in a couple of years with regular playing. Heaps of sounds are on offer from the 3 pickups with off/on switches and volume sliders, and, they’re all good too. A cool guitar with a lot of potential. No case.

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