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Wandre Tri-Lam Blue Jeans Teenager - c.1961

By Wandre

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What do you mean it looks kooky? It looks perfectly normal to me!  Yes, this is actually one of Wandre Pioli’s more “normal” guitars. If you do a google search on him you will see some amazing instruments he built; very rarely, two were the same. They feature an aluminium neck (or aluminum; depending where you live); basically a tube with a fingerboard attached, but they feel great to play!  Me and my friend Louis pulled one apart many years ago and we were amazed at how simple but genius the construction was!  (I have pics somewhere, one of these days I’ll find them!)  This one has a couple of player-changes; but the tailpiece and pickup date it around 1960-1961. Changes are; a custom-made pickguard and a Hofner-style bridge and an oval jack plate.  The body binding and sound-hole grilles have long gone. This one plays amazing with a very low action and the Davoli pickup sounds superb! These guitars are something else and are very lightweight and a joy to play!  Any Wandre is a rare guitar!  Comes with a hard shell case.

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