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Yamaha SG5A Black Refin - 1970

By Yamaha

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This guitar might look like it’s got a specific purpose (which I’m not sure what that is) but it’s actually very diverse and surprisingly friendly to play clean or driven! The chicken head blend knob for the two bridge single coils is a great feature, the neck pickup actually sounds quite lush and overall it’s a really cool guitar that will impress!  These are getting hard to find and prices have started to climb. This one has had a body refinish about 10 years ago by the wonderful Mark Wilson (if you’re up in the Mid Coast NSW and need a guitar fixed, he’s your man!) and it shows evidence of dings and scratches and a little bit of checking from player use.  The refin, and a few changed bits, has kept the price of this one in the affordable zone! I do love this neck, it feels kinda vintage Fender-like; C shape and very comfy to play.  It’s had a decent refret with plenty of meat left (no grooves).  Pickups are original and the pots have been changed to newer Japanese pots. Blend knob is not original, but is cool.  The tremolo arm is not original but works a treat!  String trees have been added and there’s a couple of holes in the headstock where it looks like a badge has been, although this model never had a badge.  If you want a quality guitar with some great tones, a cool-feeling neck and an interesting look as well, then this might just be for you. Comes with gig bag.

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