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Aria Pro II TS-400 Tri-Sound Series - 1980

By Aria

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At first look, this old Aria is in very nice condition, although my eyes did struggle a little bit looking at the pickups; I’ve never seen a set of pickups that were so, so white!  Might have to put some sunglasses on! They are also interesting because they have no adjustable pole-pieces, just the flat slugs like you see on the other side of a humbucker. I didn’t think they were going to sound that good but boy, was I surprised; a bright and full tone from both pickups with lots of switching options to boot! This is actually a great-sounding guitar and was made at the famous Matsumoku factory in Japan. Playing-wise, the neck is a slim-ish, almost D shape but ultra-comfortable to play.  The bridge is neatly recessed into the body helping to give this guitar a super-low action. The laminated body woods give this guitar the quintessential 80’s look! (Take note any 80’s cover bands!)  Frets are original and in great shape with plenty of meat left. Overall, this is a really cool guitar and a lot of fun to play.  Comes with a gig bag.

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