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b3-SL by Gene Baker - 2014

By b3

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Wow! This guitar says a remarkable amount of things in how it feels when you pick it up, almost like it was carved from one piece of light, very expensive and well matured piece of wood! It almost breathes in your hands before you even strum it! Hand-built by Master Builder Gene Baker, the woods look exquisite, the finish is mirror polished the details are flawless! The only guitars I can say that feel comparable are out of the PRS and the Gibson Custom shop. If you’ve ever wondered what makes guitars at this price point (and believe me when I say beyond!) worth playing or owning, this guitar will justify it. The tone is as flawless as the finish; sweet, warm lows, bold mids and compressed but bell like tops from a set of Lollar’s. I can keep going or you can come and try it! It’s a stunning guitar! Comes with OHSC.

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