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Bellini Parlor Guitar 1950's

By Bellini

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1950's Bellini Parlor Guitar. Nice small-bodied acoustic made in South Africa in the 50's. It's been through the wars & come out the other side!  Headstock wings have spit at some stage with a totally unprofessional repair being made with 5 screws on either side to hold them back on and a plate across the back of the headstock just to make sure they don't fall off again! (This could be pulled apart & repaired properly with a little bit of know-how). The back of the neck has worn beautifully & feels great; nice & fat. Although there's not a great deal of bass response going on, there's a lot of character in the sound of this guitar. Action is good too.  It gets a thumbs up from me! Comes with HSC (Hard Shell Case).
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