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Canora Les Paul Copy with built-in Amp and Speaker - c.1979

By Canora

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I plugged this one in the other morning and switched on the built-in amplifier and then strummed an E chord through the small built-in speaker; all of a sudden there was a massive hail-like sound coupled with some crazy shaking and then the building started to sway, and I thought, wow this thing rocks!  I found out later that we’d just had an earthquake here in good old Melbourne! Crazy huh? Another crazy thing is this little Japanese-made Canora Les Paul copy from the late 70’s with its built-in amp that features distortion and tremolo. The tiny 4” in-built speaker doesn’t sound amazing but if you recorded this and then messed with the EQ I reckon you could pull a massive sound!  It’s crunchy, trebly and bearable but could do with some bottom end. However, the tremolo sounds awesome! Playing-wise, this thing shapes up pretty good too with a straight neck, 75% frets with no big grooves, and a nice action.  A gold (yes it is solid gold, nah!) Badass bridge has been added to get those harmonics working!  This seismic beast can be plugged in like a normal guitar too and the pickups are decent as well. No case but a lot of fun is here to be had!

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