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Gibson Map Guitar - 1983

By Gibson

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Well, I’d thought I’d seen everything but I’ve never seen one of these before!  These crazy Gibson Map guitars were made for 2 years as a limited production. They were originally produced for promotional purposes. It features a mahogany body cut out in a map of America shape.  It has two humbuckers and the knobs are all in a row. It looks like it would be a heavy block of wood but in fact, it’s actually pretty light. Plays real good too!  The owner of this instrument tells me he has spent numerous hours driving, walking and hitching to gigs to personally get all of the signatures that appear on this guitar. He never added up the hours spent waiting around at the end of gigs but it must have been days in the end! The worse one was waiting 2 hours for Carlos Santana only to find out that his texta-pen had dried up and he couldn’t get the signature! Doh! I must admit, when I see guitars with signatures on them I don’t really give them a second thought as to how much work has gone into actually getting all those autographs! From now on I’ll keep an open mind.  The list of autographs includes Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Rory Gallagher, Joe Satriani, John Hammond Jnr, Lonnie Mack, Link Wray, Jim Marshall and our own, Tommy Emmanuel.  This is must for a collector who loves cool guitars and guitar heroes over the past few decades. Comes with OHSC.

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