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Eko 500 V4 Red Sparkle - 1964

By Eko

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I gotta say, this is one of the best Eko’s I’ve heard; all pickups work and actually sound real good! Plenty of options from sweet bottoms to very useable mids and in-between sounds and a cool-sounding bridge pickup. Playability is great too with a nice C-shape neck, not too thick, not too thin; just right! Frets are in great shape. There’s some lacquer checking along the neck through the plastic coating but nothing too serious. Original tuners work well and the bridge has been replaced with an old Ibanez LP style bridge; does the job real well. The tremolo arm is missing and is probably on that planet in another galaxy with all my old picks and some of my socks. The tone knob has a small piece missing but works well, in fact, both pots feel firm and great. As said, all pickups are in good health with plenty of excellent sounds and this one would suit a home studio down to the ground; would look good hanging on the wall too with its immaculate red sparkle finish!  Comes with a gig bag.

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