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Epiphone Crestwood 150th Anniversary Custom California Coral - 2023

By Epiphone


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Firstly, I have to say, the build quality of this guitar is absolutely perfect!  Not only that, it’s set up and playing like a Demon!  USA Gibson Mini humbuckers; they say they are made by Gibson and they sound like they’re made by Gibson; they sound great. Bridge pickup has a lot of body to it with a bit of bite and the neck pickup has a smooth, thick creamy response; both on together and it’s pretty special.  Tremolo works beautifully and neck feels amazing; think: a little bit of a slim taper, D shape going on and those oval fingerboard markers are fantastic. Batwing headstock always looks cool and I’ve just noticed this one has CTS pots and Switchcraft toggle switch and jack; all the good stuff!  Even the case is pretty special; grey tolex with blue lining. It’s filled with case candy which is always a lot of fun!  Killer guitar!  It weighs next to nothing; 6.36lbs/2.91kg!  It’s ticked all the boxes for me! Condition is excellent. Can’t go wrong!

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