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Epiphone ES-295 MIK - 2002

By Epiphone

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Most people equate this guitar to Scotty Moore who played with Elvis back in the day but my first encounter with one of these was watching Geordie Walker from Killing Joke playing at the Prince of Wales Hotel back in 1985. He was playing an original Gibson version and I was dumbfounded at how he got those amazing guitar sounds with a big hollow body guitar cranked through a distortion pedal! So when this one came in I instantly cranked it through a distortion pedal to see If I could get some of those sounds! The answer; YES!  A tone-full and textured sound comes out of this guitar plugged in with a bit of dirt. Turn off the pedal and hey presto, Scotty Moore is back! This is a versatile and very usable guitar; both P-90’s have a bit of grunt and work well with the hollowbody of this guitar. The stunning gold finish looks great as does the floral pickguard. This one has a few small dings here and there (it’s been loved!), but overall is in pretty decent condition. Made at the Peerless Factory in Korea, this is one of the better-made Epiphone’s out there and are respected around the globe. They don't make these anymore and they are becoming harder to find. Grab yourself a bargain!  Comes with a Hard Shell Case.

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